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October 13, 2020

One day, my once wonderfully okay sleeper decided she no longer needed naps. Worried about both our sanities, I decided to spend an exorbitant amount on a children’s app called Moshi. 

At first glance, Moshi is sweet and adorable, full of relaxing music and comforting stories. At second glance, it is a little app of horrors. 

There are many stories to choose from. Stories about mermaids, pandas, and elephants. They all seem so cute and innocent, so I assume it’s not possible to choose incorrectly. 

***Major spoilers ahead***

I decide on a story called Morgan’s Lighthouse Lullaby. I like lullabies. I like lighthouses. I like people named Morgan. What could go wrong? 

The story is read by a lady with a beautiful British accent. She describes the lighthouse in great, rhyming detail. Morgan’s life sounds lovely, until we realize that he is, and I quote, “the world’s most lonely lighthouse keeper.” The poor guy has no days off. He is forced to work in his lighthouse day in and day out, never getting to enjoy the beauty of the world. Capitalism, am I right? 

One day, as he is sulking outside his lighted house, a bird comes up to him, and, I loosely translate, “Yo, what’s your deal?” Morgan immediately breaks down and tells this bird, whose name is Tiki (!!!!T I K I!!!!), about his woes. Instead of being scared off by Morgan’s honesty and troubles, Tiki decides to give Morgan the week off. He promises to man the lighthouse, because how hard could it possibly be? Instead of questioning Tiki’s intentions, strength, or skills, Morgan agrees to this arrangement and nopes right on out of there. He gets in his boat and travels to several random wonders of the world. People recognize Morgan and thank him for his service to the community. Morgan feels happy. I feel happy for Morgan. There is still 15 minutes left of the story. 

Once Morgan decides he’s been praised for his efforts enough, he begins his journey home. He is tired from all the excitement, but not to worry. He just knows Tiki is doing a bang-up job at the lighthouse. 

All of a sudden, a storm strikes! Morgan forges on but soon realizes the light that was once leading him home is no longer visible. “Maybe Tiki fell asleep or flew off in a huff,” Morgan wonders.

Don’t worry, Morgan, Tiki is still there! He is just a poor, weak bird, trying with all his might to continue winding the lamp. He’s doing his very best, but it’s just not good enough. Just as Morgan is about to give up, Tiki remembers he has some bird friends and whistles for them to come help. They drop everything and come to Tiki’s rescue. Together, they are able to wind the lamp, just as Morgan is about to crash his tiny boat!

Morgan gets back home. Tiki takes all the credit for Morgan narrowly avoiding death. They all smile and laugh. Life is good. The birds tell Morgan they will visit him. The end! 

I am at the edge of my literal seat, but my baby conked. 10/10 would recommend. Not all the stories are this intense, but this is my daughter’s favorite one. I bet she will grow up with a Criminal Minds obsession. Maybe one day she will get to enjoy the antics of Agent Morgan and the gang, but for now, she must settle for Moshi Morgan, Lighthouse Keeper Extraordinaire.

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