Thursday Thoughts

Forgot It Was Thursday Thoughts

December 3, 2020

“Don’t you have to be busy to forget things?” I don’t think I like your tone, Tony. I have a lot on my plate. Dog walks. Scheduled TV time. Bagels. Even though I am currently employed by my exhausting extracurriculars, I have managed to think some things. They are very important. I wouldn’t lie to you.


The Husband and I have recently hired a robot vacuum for our home. It’s beautiful. Hardworking. Never complains and is always on time. Why aren’t there any robot dog brushes? Does no one else own part husky mixes? If it looked like an ant, my dogs probably wouldn’t even notice it existed! I shall call it the Ant-i Shed. It will be housed in a miniature shed. Patent pending. 

2. There should be more robots in general

I just had so many expectations for the future, which, I assume, is right now. Back to the Future promised real hoverboards. You know, ones that didn’t explode. Wall-E promised I would never be forced to walk again. Yet here I am, with only a SINGLE robot, walking on my own two feet like some chump. 

3. The Husband is currently planning an entire Robot Society.

It  starts with robot baby nail clippers. Robot nannies, for when the robot baby nail clippers inevitably cut a finger. Robot full service maid to pick up after the baby storm. The Husband wants me to add that the robots will be treated properly. Given breaks, food/charging time, love and attention. He is greatly concerned that the robots are reading this right now. 

Where my scientists and engineers at? I see absolutely no reason to hide from all our robot hopes and dreams. All the movies about the coming of the robot have been positive. Try to change my mind.

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